Saturday, September 16, 2006

Earn money while you spend with cash back credit cards

Cash back credit cards are an excellent way to earn money while you spend! Instead of making purchases with standard credit cards, you might want to consider applying for cash back credit cards because such cards reward you with cash back on every purchase you make! Further, in addition to cash back on all of your purchases, cash back credit cards offer you the opportunity to afford additional savings, in ways you might not have imagined possible.

The obvious benefit derived from having cash back credit cards is the money that consumers get back on every purchase. Frequently, credit card issuing companies will supply credit card users with approximately 5% cash back on certain purchases like those made at drug stores, supermarkets, and gas stations. Additionally, many credit card companies will give 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Due to the fact that you save 1 to 5 percent on many of your purchases made with cash back credit cards, you can find yourself saving quite a bit of money.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Check your credit rating

There are credit card companies that issue cards that give you free cash. It is usually only around 1% cash back. Free money is free money. If you are among people that like to buy a lot of things in one month. You need to keep in mind that they are not going to give you cash back on every purchase that you make. They will only give you up to a certain amount per transaction. The company also has a strict limit on the amount that they will give back to their customers.

You will see a paragraph with their limits in the terms and agreements. This is another way to try to draw in new customers for these companies. It is a good credit card to have and sounds great in theory. They will have to check your credit rating before they will give you their card. You should research different companies to see what they are offering. Few limits on the amount they will give you back.

Although these credit cards seem like a great thing to have. Some companies will need your credit rating to be great too. There are credit card companies that offer these cards to people with a low credit rating to help them rebuild their credit.