Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Balance Transfer Credit Cards - How Good Are They?

Are you looking for ways to salvage yourself money? If the reply is yes then read on as I have got the reply to your prayers, by changing your credit card to one that offers a balance transfer deal.

The credit card companies are looking for your business, so there have never been a better clip to check out the great deals that are on offer, and salvage yourself some money at the same time. One of the ways to make this is by looking for credit card companies that are offering Balance transfer deal.

0% balance transfers – what are they?

Balance transfer deals, what are they I here you ask! They are here to salvage us money and using one will be a great advantage to you. If you are not certain how they work read on and I will explain,

A balance transfer is when you travel your balance from your existent card to another card that is giving you a better APR. Type A batch of companies are jumping on the bandwagon with this deal they will offer you 0% interest for a clip period of time, it could be 6 to 9 calendar months or even up to a year. A typical illustration is state the card you had was charging you a an APR of 27.9% and your balance is £2000, your monthly payment would be £300 you will not have got got cleared your balance after a 6 calendar months period, in fact you would have paid £494 in interest and you would still owe £694. If you could have got set this amount into a balance transfer deal then the amount owed at the end of the six calendar months would be £200, saving you £494 how good is that!

Choose the card that lawsuits you…

Take your clip when looking for these deals as there are many out there. Check the debris mail, as it might not be debris after all, or on the Internet, there have never been a better clip to take advantage of these great deals. These companies desire your business so expression around for the best deal to lawsuit you.

If you change your credit card to One with the 0% interest free period, delight dual check the APR once your free clip time time period is over to make certain it is lower than your last card, as you don’t desire to be costing yourself more than money.

Once you make up one's mind to switch over cards, and your initial 0% interest free period is up do not be afraid to change to another one and usage that one in the same way, it is about time we got something back from these credit card companies.

For credit card advice delight visit here


1) Shop around for the best deal
2) Take into account your personal circumstances
3) Brand certain you are aware of the new credit cards APR after the introductory deal is over
4) Make not apply for too many credit cards at once as this may impact your credit rating

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Say Hello To Those 0% Credit Card Deals!

Getting the best deal on a credit card is not always about jumping from one 0% APR card to another and getting a bad name for you. As you will because the credit card companies are getting wise to this and are beginning to decline consecutive jumpers their credit card application.

This though is not aimed at those who up until now have got got establish it easy to get their custody on any credit card that they choose; this article is aimed at those who happen it extremely hard to get their custody on a credit card at all and can only daydream of taking advantage of all the 0% interest deals that are out there.

Your low credit evaluation can impact your application…

This is down to the fact that many potentiality credit card clients have such as a low credit scoring that the credit card issuers; see them as too much of a credit risk. So they ultimately decline issuing those with a low credit scoring the cards, as they only desire those, who they see as net income making customers. This tin even travel on to you if you have got got no debt and never have had debt, as the credit card lenders only go on credit information that is held on you on their information bases. So if you have got got got got no credit history, they will more readily decline you one of their cards.

What you have to retrieve though, is that you should not take your anger out on the credit card company as you have no Godhead right to anticipate them to allow you borrow their cash just because you desire it, they have to be certain that you are a worthy credit risk. To battle this, the first thing that you should not make is to apply again and again to different credit cards, credit agencies or banks for loans, this volition only delve the hole deeper for yourself. The adjacent clip you apply for any type of credit it will be known that you have got applied before and been rejected in the past, so they will happen they’re reply easier to come up by.

Get your credit evaluation background…

What you should make is contact a credit mention agency, to see where you are going incorrect and maybe happen the ground why the credit cards are not letting you manage they’re plastic. Ask the credit card company who have got refused you, which credit mention agency they use, this volition normally be one of two the chief 1s which are Equifax and Experian. Once you have got ascertained which one it is, you can compose to them asking for a elaborate tally down of your credit history. This volition normally cost a couple of pounds, but will be a worthwhile pattern to assist you get your credit scoring back up.

Once that you have got got establish out where you have gone incorrect in the past, you can then get working on getting your credit scoring up. You may inquire as how this tin be done if you are not allowed credit, but by keeping your household measures up to day of the month and paid on time, making certain that you can turn out where you live, do certain that you are on the electoral function and do certain that you never lie on your application for credit. These are all simple things and if followed through, you will not only happen that your credit evaluation will travel up, you will also be able to construct on it and be able to one twenty-four hours get the best credit card deals and when you desire them.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Credit Cards Bring Festive Cheer

Christmas is almost upon us once again and the worry of meeting the demands that it has on our finances comes to the fore. Many will get themselves into a level of debt that they cannot sustain and if it’s paid for with your current credit card or god forbid a store card, then the expenditure will be worse with the addition of the interest charges that come with your plastic.

Use your credit card wisely…

This does not mean we should be avoiding using our plastic over the festive season, far from it, as apart from having the cash to pay for your goods and leaving you without any debt, the credit card is the next best thing in getting your gifts, festive food and drink in, without the interest being a problem.

So how do you fancy getting all of this and interest free for nine or twelve months? Well if you need that bit of breathing space and the Christmas period sorted interest free, then taking advantage of one of the credit card that are offering a 0% introductory offer on purchases. These will help ease the burden and will give you up to 12 months to pay it off, or in other words just in time for Santa coming back next year!

Keep clear of store cards…

Doing it this way rather than using your current credit card will mean that you could save around £75 in interest payments if you spent in the region of £500, which is being claimed that as a nation we spend on average per person. Do not use a store card to make any purchases as the majority of these credit cards come with an APR as high as 29.9%.

Other methods that you could use to accommodate your Christmas shopping could be an overdraft, but always remember to speak to your bank first, as going in to the red without the permission of the bank, will only see you face charges that could see you having to pay a hefty interest of almost 30%.

Use a 0% credit card

So the best bet to deal with Christmas this year is to take advantage of a 0% on purchases credit card and budget for what you will have to pay back each month, so that when the 0% period is over, you will have a clear balance and no interest payments to meet, before you have to start dealing with next year and starting all over again.

So get applying now and have your Christmas sorted and worry free before the big day is upon you.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Credit Card Minimum Payments Create Debt

A credit card minimum payment means that you can spend more and pay as little back as the credit card issuer will allow you. Sounds great in theory but it is a system that will turn out to be your worse nightmare. If you stick to it before long you will find that you have reached your limit, have nothing left to spend and all the while your past purchases are totting up interest charges. These sequence of events make your minimum payments so high, that you can only afford to pay back the interest charges and your debt remains the same, with no light at the end of the tunnel as to how you are going to clear it.

This is where the credit card companies have gotten wise and by reducing the minimum payment steadily from 10% on original credit cards to the 2% that most now have set, they have seen a way of making as much profit from you and I as possible. By reducing the minimum payment to such a low level, they have given the customer a false picture on how much they can spend on their credit cards and how much they can really afford. With the minimum payment now sitting at 2%, those who cannot clear their credit cards in full each month, will now see interest charges being added to interest charges, as their balance increases month by month.

To reduce your debt stop using your credit card

This is a position that many find themselves in and by noticing it early on you could be saving yourself a lot of grief and a good bit of money. If you are there at this point, then the best thing that you can do is to stop using the credit card altogether and start to look at ways to reduce your outstanding debt. Even if you find that you have to cut back on other expenditure, you should deal with a debt that is a drain to your finances and by saving now on a few luxuries it will be to your advantage. As you pay off you balance quicker you will save more in interest charges.

Always remember that by paying minimum payments and minimum payments only, you are playing a very dangerous game with your hard earned cash. So why should you work many hours a week just to feed the profits of a bank or credit card issuer, who will be your friend until such a time you cannot afford to pay back the cash that they let you borrow.

Take action today!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Credit Card Stoozing - Time To Stop Snoozing

Lets halt snoozing and start “stoozing”

Do not believe that we are trying to get you involved in any criminal activities here, we’re not and the whole procedure is legal and above board and will give you the opportunity to get one over on the credit card companies, who have got got been relieving us of our cash for many old age now.

First of all you will be itching to cognize what “stoozing” is, well the manner that it works may sound a small complicated, but when put option into pattern it is a batch easier than trying to explain.

Step 1

This is how it works, what you have to do is to apply for two separate credit cards that are giving you a introductory deal with a 0% interest free time period and make certain that one of your new credit cards will allow you transfer your credit bounds into a bank account. So do certain that you have got opened a high nest egg account at your bank, if not then putting the money into your current account will be fine, until you can open up up a nest egg account afterwards.

Step 2

Then you come up to the second of the two credit cards and this where you may happen that things go a small confusing. If the second credit card makes not have got the installation that allows you transfer the cash from the credit card straight into the bank account, then here is what to do, inquire the issuer of the second credit card to balance transfer from the first card onto the second credit card, this is a dorsum to presence manner of doing things but this volition move money from the second credit card to the first one. This transaction is regarded as moving a negative balance on to the other credit card, so will work in reverse. Once completed all you have got got got to make is inquire the lender of the first credit card to transfer this balance to your high interest nest egg account.

After you have navigated all of this, you will now be in ownership of a bank balance that is gathering interest, with the satisfaction of knowing that the money that is making you money, have come up up from a couple of credit card companies, who have given you an interest free loan.

Remember to pay the minimum payments!

All of this doesn’t come without a couple of problems that may trip you up. Firstly always and I will emphasize ALWAYS do certain that you ran into the minimum payment and the minimum payment only and do certain that it is paid on time.

Plan ahead…

Secondly do certain that you have got your adjacent set of two 0% interest credit cards applied for 5 to 6 hebdomads before the original two cards are coming to the end of the 0% introductory period. (Remembering that one must have got got got the installation to transfer the cash straight into your nest egg account)

For credit card advice delight visit here

As soon as these new credit cards have arrived transfer what you owe over to the first two cards to unclutter them and then call off the original two credit cards, making certain that you state the issuer to allow their credit agency’s know.

If for some ground that your adjacent two credit cards are not in place, then you will have to retreat the cash that you owe to the cards from your account and pay them off in full, because retrieve you are doing this to do money on the interest, not to pay it.

This tin be carried on again and again, as long as you can get the 0% interest free time period and you are willing to allow the cash prevarication in the bank without touching it.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Super Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Credit cards are a great manner to pass money that you make not have got and we all cognize that so it is nil new to us. A credit card is a disbursement tool that many of us would experience as if we had had a limb cut off if we could no longer have got one, would also peal true to a batch of people.

Start Making Money

There are ways to do money from credit cards rather than them being a drainage on your finances. One such as manner that many may make not cognize about is the 0% “Super Balance Transfer”, another measure up from the 0% Balance Transfer, which allows you travel your debt around to salvage you from paying interest charges. The 0% “Super Balance Transfer” allows you to pay other debts.

This is how it works, a 0% “Super Balance Transfer” tin be used to pay off any debts that you have got that are not credit card related. This is done by paying the money that you will get from the new credit card straight into your bank account, leaving you free to pay off any mode of debt that you have, this is where it differs from the normal 0% balance transfer facility.

You can pay off any debt that suits

This cash can also be transferred into your account even if you are free from any debt, which intends that you can put your credit bounds into a high nest egg account, then once the 0% interest time period is almost over, you take the cash that the credit card company “lent” you and pay it back into and thus clearing the credit card debt. Always retrieve though that piece this cash is lying in your nest egg account assemblage interest you will still have got to ran into the minimum payment set by the credit card issuer, which is normally 2% of the balance or a minimum of £5.00.

The golden rule! Bash not utilize this card to do purchases!

Once you have got got paid off the credit card you volition be left with a net income for borrowing person else’s cash, but what you have to retrieve is that you don’t pass on the credit card, this volition only eat into the net income that are there to be made and could overcome the whole intent of why you were doing it in the first place.

Finding the credit card companies who offer this service habit be too difficult, but most volition necessitate a fee to transfer your credit bounds into your account, this will normally be a 2% charge to a upper limit of £50, though you may happen that a few credit card companies will not be charging as much as this.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Make Money With A Cash Back Credit Card

Cash back credit cards are a antic manner for you to do some cash while disbursement on your credit card, although it makes only lawsuit the clients who pay their measure in full at the end of each month.

A cash back credit card will give you the opportunity to earn as you spend, as a percentage is returned to you on an annual footing for every lb that you have got spent. This is usually put at between 0.5% and 2% depending on how generous the credit card lender is. Iodine cannot emphasis enough, you must be able to pay off your credit card statement in full each month, and this is the lone manner that a cash dorsum credit card volition work for you.

If you are a borrower then a cash dorsum credit card will only cost you, even though you will be earning a small back, you will happen that this will be eaten up and more than by the interest charges, which are usually on a higher scale of measurement of APR.

Is a cash back credit card for everyone?

By not incurring the interest payments, then for every lb that you pass on the card you will see a small approaching back to you. If you pay your credit card balance in full every month, then why not switch over to a cash back credit card. A cash back credit card is a antic chance to reward you for disbursement money!

There is a word of warning that volition come up with this though, if you make up one's mind that you desire to balance transfer a amount from your existent credit card company on to a cash back credit card, then you should seek and avoid this. As a matter of fact avoid it altogether, as any payments you do to the credit card will only travel on to pay the amount transferred and interest will only mount up on any purchases that you have got made on the credit card. You will then be paying back more than than than the cash back card is making you.

Here are some of the best deals

There are a few good deals on the spell right now, with the American Stock Exchange Blue cash back card the American Stock Exchange Platinum and the First Trust Bank cards worthy at a expression if you do up one's mind that a cash back credit card is for you.

So if you have got a clear statement at the end of each calendar month then travel for it and make that deal in the sales save you even more cash.