Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Balance Transfer Credit Cards - How Good Are They?

Are you looking for ways to salvage yourself money? If the reply is yes then read on as I have got the reply to your prayers, by changing your credit card to one that offers a balance transfer deal.

The credit card companies are looking for your business, so there have never been a better clip to check out the great deals that are on offer, and salvage yourself some money at the same time. One of the ways to make this is by looking for credit card companies that are offering Balance transfer deal.

0% balance transfers – what are they?

Balance transfer deals, what are they I here you ask! They are here to salvage us money and using one will be a great advantage to you. If you are not certain how they work read on and I will explain,

A balance transfer is when you travel your balance from your existent card to another card that is giving you a better APR. Type A batch of companies are jumping on the bandwagon with this deal they will offer you 0% interest for a clip period of time, it could be 6 to 9 calendar months or even up to a year. A typical illustration is state the card you had was charging you a an APR of 27.9% and your balance is £2000, your monthly payment would be £300 you will not have got got cleared your balance after a 6 calendar months period, in fact you would have paid £494 in interest and you would still owe £694. If you could have got set this amount into a balance transfer deal then the amount owed at the end of the six calendar months would be £200, saving you £494 how good is that!

Choose the card that lawsuits you…

Take your clip when looking for these deals as there are many out there. Check the debris mail, as it might not be debris after all, or on the Internet, there have never been a better clip to take advantage of these great deals. These companies desire your business so expression around for the best deal to lawsuit you.

If you change your credit card to One with the 0% interest free period, delight dual check the APR once your free clip time time period is over to make certain it is lower than your last card, as you don’t desire to be costing yourself more than money.

Once you make up one's mind to switch over cards, and your initial 0% interest free period is up do not be afraid to change to another one and usage that one in the same way, it is about time we got something back from these credit card companies.

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1) Shop around for the best deal
2) Take into account your personal circumstances
3) Brand certain you are aware of the new credit cards APR after the introductory deal is over
4) Make not apply for too many credit cards at once as this may impact your credit rating