Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cash Rebate Credit Cards

There are so many credit card companies on the market nowadays that there is intense competition for customers. Cash rebate credit cards are just one of the many types of credit cards that are offering rewards to card holders.

These credit cards are considered as the best reward cards because they actually pay cash as the reward. Since we all love to get money, offering cash is a good way of convincing us to use cash rebate credit cards.

Discover offered the first cash rebate credit cards. Other companies started to offer their own similar type of rewards credit cards when they saw the popularity that Discover gained from their ‘Cashback’ program.

In reality, cash rebate credit cards work by figuring a percentage of each purchase made into the cash rebate. Some credit card companies team up with certain companies so that purchases made from these companies offer a higher cash rebate percentage.

People consider cash rebate credit cards as a great idea and may have gotten them simply for the reward. However, they may sometimes forget that these are still credit cards. Cash rebate credit cards can be a way of earning some money back on purchases that people make.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Officials investigating IHOP debit card fraud


Police investigating $70,000 worth of debit card fraud at the International House of Pancakes, 4701 N. Freeway, say the restaurant and its employees are not at fault.

While the investigation continues, authorities recommend against using debit cards when dining at the establishment.

"IHOP has great food, but my advice is to pay in cash," Sgt. Joe Garcia, head of the crimes against property division of the Pueblo Police Department, said Wednesday.

"We are confident at this time that employees and the restaurant are not at fault."

Police are following the flow of debit card transactions in attempt to determine where the fraud is taking place.

Detective Lee Karr, lead investigator in the case, said he's phoned a national company involved in the chain of transactions several times and has not received a response.

"IHOP from the start has been cooperative and I can't say anything bad at all about them," Karr said.

Detectives have received numerous reports of fraud linked to the North Side restaurant dating back to June. During that time, Garcia said, five area banks have been victimized.

"We haven't found one incident of credit card fraud," Garcia said. "It's all debit cards."

IHOP restaurants are privately owned and each uses different payment equipment.

Karr said a Wheat Ridge IHOP reported similar fraud recently. Both restaurants use the same vendor for a computer-related service.

Monday, November 20, 2006

About Cash Back, Rebate Credit Cards

Cash Back credit cards give you cash or discount inducements every clip you utilize the card. The amount given is usually a per centum of your sum purchases excluding interest and finance charges. Cash back credit cards should be considered by those who be given to pay off their full balance every month, and therefore would not recognize the benefits offered by low interest charge per unit cards.

Cash back cards are always difficult to beat, but others may prefer a wages programmed offering commodity and services in topographic point of cash. The card you take will depend upon your peculiar demands and lifestyle.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Consumers switch for cashback

Consumers switching credit card provider pay almost as much attention to reward schemes as to interest rates, according to research from Morgan Stanley.

The survey found that, while 31 per cent of cardholders cite interest rates as their top priority when choosing a provider, 29 per cent of consumers cite reward or loyalty schemes as the primary consideration.

Cashback was the most popular reward scheme, tempting 70 per cent of those switching for reward schemes, followed by retail reward cards, which attracted 21 per cent.

Patrick Muir, marketing director of Morgan Stanley consumer banking, said: "With the majority of people paying off their credit cards in full every month, using a credit card with a reward scheme really makes sense."

But consumers' preoccupation with rewards schemes, particularly cashback, in preference over low interest rates could indicate short-term thinking.

A recent report from the Debt Counsellors found credit card debt was implicated in 91 per cent of all serious debt problems brought to advisers.

However, Apacs has recently welcomed moves among credit cards lenders to share information about at-risk consumers and encourage responsible borrowing.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Etihad launches loyalty credit card with benefits

In the Middle East, HSBC Bank and Etihad Airways have launched a co-branded HSBC Etihad Guest MasterCard credit card. The card comes in three variants, based on income: a Classic Card, a Privilege Card, and an Exclusive Card. All three offer cardholders free membership of the airline's loyalty programme, Etihad Guest. The card allows users to earn Etihad Guest Miles on all purchases worldwide, ranging from 2 Etihad Guest Miles for every US$3 spent to 1 Etihad Guest Mile for every USD$1 spent, depending on the type of card held. Travel related benefits associated with the card include a free Priority Pass membership (with unlimited access to over 450 airport lounges worldwide), free insurance, and the UAE e-Gate option (fast track immigration at airports in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain). According to Etihad, there are also plans to enable acceptance at e-Gates at other UAE airports in the future.

Web: http://www.hsbc.com

Sources: HSBC Bank Middle East Limited; Etihad Airways