Sunday, June 15, 2008

Credit Card Stoozing - Time To Stop Snoozing

Lets halt snoozing and start “stoozing”

Do not believe that we are trying to get you involved in any criminal activities here, we’re not and the whole procedure is legal and above board and will give you the opportunity to get one over on the credit card companies, who have got got been relieving us of our cash for many old age now.

First of all you will be itching to cognize what “stoozing” is, well the manner that it works may sound a small complicated, but when put option into pattern it is a batch easier than trying to explain.

Step 1

This is how it works, what you have to do is to apply for two separate credit cards that are giving you a introductory deal with a 0% interest free time period and make certain that one of your new credit cards will allow you transfer your credit bounds into a bank account. So do certain that you have got opened a high nest egg account at your bank, if not then putting the money into your current account will be fine, until you can open up up a nest egg account afterwards.

Step 2

Then you come up to the second of the two credit cards and this where you may happen that things go a small confusing. If the second credit card makes not have got the installation that allows you transfer the cash from the credit card straight into the bank account, then here is what to do, inquire the issuer of the second credit card to balance transfer from the first card onto the second credit card, this is a dorsum to presence manner of doing things but this volition move money from the second credit card to the first one. This transaction is regarded as moving a negative balance on to the other credit card, so will work in reverse. Once completed all you have got got got to make is inquire the lender of the first credit card to transfer this balance to your high interest nest egg account.

After you have navigated all of this, you will now be in ownership of a bank balance that is gathering interest, with the satisfaction of knowing that the money that is making you money, have come up up from a couple of credit card companies, who have given you an interest free loan.

Remember to pay the minimum payments!

All of this doesn’t come without a couple of problems that may trip you up. Firstly always and I will emphasize ALWAYS do certain that you ran into the minimum payment and the minimum payment only and do certain that it is paid on time.

Plan ahead…

Secondly do certain that you have got your adjacent set of two 0% interest credit cards applied for 5 to 6 hebdomads before the original two cards are coming to the end of the 0% introductory period. (Remembering that one must have got got got the installation to transfer the cash straight into your nest egg account)

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As soon as these new credit cards have arrived transfer what you owe over to the first two cards to unclutter them and then call off the original two credit cards, making certain that you state the issuer to allow their credit agency’s know.

If for some ground that your adjacent two credit cards are not in place, then you will have to retreat the cash that you owe to the cards from your account and pay them off in full, because retrieve you are doing this to do money on the interest, not to pay it.

This tin be carried on again and again, as long as you can get the 0% interest free time period and you are willing to allow the cash prevarication in the bank without touching it.

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