Monday, March 26, 2007

Are You Financially Illiterate?

A new generation has emerged. The America we live in now is NOT the America
Our freedom seeking founders envisioned. The days of one income households and
Stable jobs with good pay are over. We are now faced with mountains of consumer
Debts and employers who care about the bottom line more than their people.
Stay at home moms have been replaced by daycare workers. Dad no longer comes
home at 5pm every night. His job demands more time and he is trapped.
We have all been the victims of silver tongued devils with slick advertising campaigns
screaming zero interest until 2015 and no money down.
Our suburban utopia has been transformed to a prison.
We no longer work to enjoy life, we work to pay our debtors.

Credit cards are being used for everything from meals to gasoline.
Are we really so ignorant that we don't know that a $3,000 dollar credit
card balance with a 19% interest rate will take 39 YEARS TO PAY OFF?!
The food we bought with it wont last that long and neither will the gasoline.

So the question is how do we escape? A second job? A home equity loan?
The latest real estate guru's no money down system? NO!
The answer is to create multiple streams of passive residual income AND
to become financially literate. Most people are financially mislead and uneducated.
Need proof? When was the last time you bought something on a credit card that
is producing income for you today?

Take massive action now! Stop trading hours for dollars. Stop it!
Stop making credit card companies rich. Stop depriving your kids of
quality time because your slave master says you can't have a day off.
Become self educated and reliant. Our schools teach us how to dissect a frog but not
How to file income taxes. I dissect frogs all the time don't you?
Find a way to create and control markets and make residual income.
Find a business you can work from your computer that once built will
continue without you. Read books such as the Cash Flow Quadrant,
Think and Grow Rich, Why We Want You To Be Rich, Smart Couples Finish
First etc…Learn about compound interest and the Rule of 72. Learn how
To own your life instead of a job or a small business owning you.

The bottom line is we all have dreams and goals. I should say we all
Had dreams and goals. Some of us have forgotten how to dream.
You have two choices. You can either forget about your dreams and reduce
Them in size or you can make more money, have less or zero debt and have
Free time. Which do you choose?

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