Sunday, June 03, 2007

Christian Debt Reduction - A More Humane Approach

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that getting deep into debt is a very stressful time. For one, the mind of the debtor is troubled and filled with worry about how he will be able to pay his bills and adequately address his basic needs at the same time. He could also be thinking of how he will be able to provide for his family's needs given the financial condition that he is facing.

And then, there is the feeling of insecurity and paranoia that could be plaguing him. He is often wary of answering the knock on the door or picking up the phone when it rings; the person on the other side of the door or on the other line could be a creditor's agent who came to collect for payment that the debtor cannot deliver. Maybe he could not bear to look at other people's eyes anymore out of fear of finding out whether or not they whisper behind his back about the debt problem he is facing and how "irresponsible" he is.

In the process of making good the payments due to them, creditors and collectors alike sometimes forget that the debtor is a human being, subject to being hurt, humiliated and bewildered by the financial trouble he is facing. That is why there are Christian debt reduction agencies around. They aim to address debt reduction in a more humane way.

Christian debt reduction agencies are non-profit companies certified and recognized by Christian churches and Christian debt organizations. These Christian debt reduction companies claim that their methods and services are based on Biblical principles. They do not just aim for debt reduction; their end goal is to get their clients to rebuild their creditability.

Another trait that sets Christian debt reduction agencies apart from other debt settlement companies is that Christian debt reduction companies try to dig the reason behind the accumulation of debt and attempt to help their clients get over it. They understand that compulsive and irresponsible spending is not always the reason why debtors get deep into debt. The debt could be a result of the client losing his job, getting an illness or accident that forced him to stop working for a long period, or if there is a sudden death in the family that the debtor was not prepared for.

Because Christian debt reduction companies are non-profit organizations, oftentimes they charge lower monthly payments at a reduced percentage of interest. Also, the client usually has the option to settle this monthly payment at any day he can make it, without worrying about facing late payment penalty fees or over-limit charges. Christian debt reduction companies also try to work out a reduction of debt of up to 50% to 70% from their client's creditors in behalf of their client. Once terms have been reached in negotiation, the period for debt settlement often takes three to six years.

For the downtrodden debtor who is tired of being hounded and gossiped on, going to a Christian debt reduction agency is a more humane and a more welcome alternative.

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