Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An Introduction to Lawsuit Cash Advances

Cash advance loans are a good option during emergencies when a person's savings will not cover the costs incurred during the emergency. There are many companies that offer cash advances against credit cards and paychecks. The only requirements are that the customer must be an adult and must be employed in a job paying at least $1000 minimum gross payment.

Most of these companies ensure that the bank details are verified to avoid complications later. Some companies may also require a void paycheck to be faxed to them at the time of applying for the cash advance online.

Interest rates can be pretty high for cash advances. This is because the company recognizes and takes advantage of the customer’s need for cash. Also, it is better to apply for cash advance only if it can be paid back to the company with interest by the specified time. This can sometimes get a discount in the interest. However, if the total amount is not repaid by the decided time, the interest is accrued and increases drastically. This might result in the individual paying a lot interest along with the amount of the loan.

Even though these companies take a lot of precautions before advancing cash, there might be cases where the customer might abscond or create problems while repaying the advance. At the bottom level, cash advances are a form of loan, even though they are short-term and are of a considerably lesser amount than long term loans. Hence, in some instances the cash advancing company can file a lawsuit against the customer for creating such problems.

Cash advance lawsuits are extremely rare since cash advance companies take extreme care before approving an application for cash advances to protect their interests.

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