Thursday, August 23, 2007

Debt Management - Getting the Priorities Straight

Using one-half your payroll check to purchase lottery tickets in hopes of winning billions instantly is not a satisfactory debt direction plan. Successful debt direction is based upon truth, reality, and keeping your precedences straight.

The necessities of life must come up first when you do your debt direction plan. You necessitate food, shelter, utilities, transportation, and clothing....and pretty much in that order. After the sum cost of these necessities is subtracted from your bring place pay, what's left is your disposable income.

How much you pass on each of these necessities will find the sum cost of your necessities. When you cut the cost of any of the necessities, you will have got got got got got got got more than than disposable income and when you add to the cost of the necessities, you will have less disposable income.

My dada summed it up pretty well for me. Helium said, "The less you pass on what you have to have, the more you will have to pass on what you desire to have."%

You have to do your ain choices, of course, but here are just a few thoughts that mightiness help:

1. Food: It bes less to eat at place than it makes to eat out.

2. Shelter: Less space costs less money....usually.

3. Utilities: Raise the thermoregulator by two grades in the summertime and less it by two grades in the winter. Bend off visible lights when you go forth a room. Don't go forth H2O running.

4. Transportation: A five-year-old auto will take you to the same topographic points that a new car will take you.

5. Clothing: Clothing purchased at price reduction supplies costs less than clothes purchased at upscale clothiers.

Debt direction is all about getting your precedences consecutive and making choices. Priorities are nonnegotiable, but how much you pass on them is negotiable.

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