Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is This the Kind of Money You Want?

Just the other twenty-four hours 1 of my friends, Linwood, asked me, “David, how are you doing in commodities?” Iodine replied, “Why arsenic a matter of fact, I’m checking on some net income right now.” Linwood went on to state that his first cousin is a trade goodss broker. I replied, “And you have got not invested in trade goodss yet? What are you waiting for?”

My friend went on to state that he wanted to learn more than about trade goodss before he invested in them. He is very smart in wanting to learn before he leaps into something he makes not fully understand.

Being a success manager in instruction people how to put in commodities, I seized the chance to assist him get acquainted with trade goods investing. I pulled up a website that showed the terms of what trade goodss were trading at. I went over some rudiments like how to read and construe the charts.

He then asked me where I thought he could put $500. I proceeded to state him that I thought Gold offered a good opportunity. I cautioned him that Gold was currently in an uptrend but that it would eventually draw back.

I then asked him what was the minimum amount of money he would be satisfied in making? The ground I asked this inquiry is because I wanted to do certain his outlooks were realistic. I asked him other inquiries too – like what was his timeframe for an expected payoff? He answered these questions. Based on his replies to the inquiries we devised a program of action.

I advised him to take a expression at investment in a Gold phone call option. At the clip the option was priced at $490. I advised him that the committee and fees would add to this terms a little. I said let’s watch the terms for a hebdomad Oregon two to see if he would have got made money in the trade.

This strategy is referred to as “paper trading” or as I like to name it “play before you pay.”
It is a great manner to learn how to put and usage different strategies before you put on the line your money.

The following twenty-four hours we watched the phone call option travel up in terms to $700. This represented a $210 net income in one day. Another manner of looking at this is he could have got made a 43% net income in one day. The adjacent twenty-four hours when we looked at Gold, it was deserving $800. So in two years he could have got made a net income of $310 subtraction committee and fees. This amount stands for a 63% net income in a couple of days.

Keep in head this is money he did not have got to make physical work for. It is what I name “sit down feather money”. On the otherhand, “stand there money” is when you have got to work for person else and base there and accept however they handle you.

Decide today that you desire as much sit down down money as you can make. For more than information visit and order Affluent Investing Secrets today.

Much More Success,

David D. H. G. Wells -
Master of Turning a Small Hoard into a Huge Pile of Cash™

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