Wednesday, October 17, 2007


You all cognize what CYA stand ups for. Of course,
Screen Your Assets.

And everyone makes it. You have got protection against
losing your car in an accident. You have
protection against being sued from that car
accident. You have got locks on the doors to your home
to protect against theft and personal injury. Question. Bash you have got a lock to protect from loss
in your retirement portfolio?

Bet you didn’t even cognize there is one. You sure
aren’t going to hear about it from your stock
broker or financial planner. If there is such as a
thing why hasn’t helium told me? Maybe it is because
it is too expensive.

No, there is no charge for this type of protection
and your brokerage company will make it. It is free. Then why don’t brokers and financial planners
supply this as portion of their service? The simple
reply is it is too much work. If you make up one's mind to
utilize the service they will then have got to watch your

Oh, did he state he was going to watch your account? Unless your account in seven figs or stopping point to
it you make not look on his microwave radar screen. The
average broker have 300 accounts. Could you watch
what is going on in each 1 if you had his job? It is not possible so there must be a manner to
protect your money. Yes, and it is automatic. When your pillory are going up and you are making
money you don’t desire to give back those profits,
make you? Of course of study not. There is a simple method
known to every broker and financial planner, but
you must take a firm stand it is done – Oregon you will transfer
your account to person who will. Money negotiation and
he will understand that.

First you must determine what your hazard degree is.
Are you willing to give back 5, 10, 15% of the
terms of your stock when it begins down? If you
state 10% then each hebdomad state your broker you want
an Open Stop Loss Order placed on the closing
terms of each Friday (or Monday , Tuesday,
whatever) arsenic it travels higher and not to reduce
that price.

This manner he makes not have got got to watch all the
different pillory you have in your portfolio and
you are protected against any large losses. He may
not even desire to make this and inquire you to place
those orders which you can easily make on the

Instead of trying to calculate out where or when to
sell your equity you allow the terms action of your
stock state you when it is getting weak. There are
many ways of placing Stop Loss Orders and you may
wish to utilize another method. Many tin be establish by
using a search on Google by typing in the words
“stop loss orders”. Your library should have got books
on the subject.

For a individual who is working or cannot take the
clip to follow the market this is the best manner to
protect your investments. See it a lock on
your profits. Go back and see how this would have
worked if you had done it for the past 5 years. You would be money ahead.

CYA – screen your assets.

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