Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holy Grail Investments

Every twelvemonth I travel to the Money Show in
Orlando, Florida. Thousands attend. It is mostly
an aged crowd with the children about 40
old age of age. I have got got been saying for old age that
until you have lost enough money trying to make
a luck you will not go serious about
investing. The under 40’s are shooting for the
moon and it have finally dawned on the over 40’s
(maybe it’s the over 50’s) that they must happen a
better manner to get rich.

The Money Show shows a forum of
recognized experts in their field. It may be
long-term or short term trading. It could be in
stocks, bonds, common fund, ETFs (Exchange
Traded Funds), oil and gas properties, options,
trade goods futures, managed accounts and other
more than esoteric venues.

Each 1 of the “experts” allows you
to listen to him talk (at no charge) to tell
you how he have establish the secret to stock market
success and why you should purchase his Holy Place Grail
service. You will have his (daily, weekly,
monthly) market missive for the ridiculously low
terms of from $250 to $5,000 or more. You may
not have got got got got establish the Holy Place Place Place Grail, but he has.

Almost all of them have a “when to
buy” method, but very few have a “when to cash
in your chips” method and fewer than that will
have any manner to protect yourself from losing it
all should their Holy Grail method bend into
Holy Cow.

The Orlando show happens in February so every
expert have his anticipations for the approaching year. The lone bear I establish was Martin Weiss, but he
wasn’t A bull in 1999 either. No 1 desires to
hear desperate effects of a bad twelvemonth for their
pillory so the audience is fed the sort of food
they like. Everything is going to be even better
this old age and with my ace software (or
newsletter) you will do a better tax return than
ever before.

During the three twenty-four hours show there were 396
person presentations most of which ran about
an hr more or less and then there were the
extra charges for having breakfast, lunch, tea,
whatever with one of the speakers. And these
weren’t cheap. You could also subscribe up for all
twenty-four hours seminars. In the Exhibit Hallway there was
always an expert giving a public lecture with a great
microscope slide show on how his Grail (I am getting
hesitating about calling it Holy) will increase
your portfolio.

Many investors came to see the guru whose market
missive they were receiving. Very few of these
aces are making anyone rich, but there are
some. My inquiry to them is are they putting
their ain money on the line or are these results

After attending respective of these seminars each
twenty-four hours with each presenter screening his magic
get-rich expression it would look these folks would
travel home more baffled than when they came. There
is no Holy Place Grail of investing. At least I have
not establish it nor make I cognize anyone who has. Do
not trust on person else to make you rich.’ You
have got to do it yourself.

The existent Holy Place Grail translates into
two words – Hard Work.

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