Thursday, February 01, 2007

Instant Credit Cards

By Elizabeth Beecher

Internet has made almost everything accessible with just a single click of a mouse. Online shopping and convenience of searching and buying things from the comfort of our homes have made great transformations in the behavior of today’s buyers. Most of us get mad if we cannot order something right the very moment we see it on the screen, forgetting that we used to drive to the stores, call in for catalog purchases and it all took a lot of time. It seems that same kind of expectations have transferred to everything else in our lives. It also includes credit cards.

Most of the major credit card providers try to accommodate the new habits of Internet generation by providing online credit card applications with instant or close to instant responses. The banks understand that they cannot make anyone wait for their approval the way it used to be. Otherwise they will be losing clients. Advantages of instant credit cards, as with most other online transactions, can be described in two words: “Very fast!”. If it takes one at least a week to get a response from the credit card company and at the end he or she gets rejected, then the waiting time becomes the lost time one could spend looking for another offer. No one wants to live through this frustration anymore. That is the main reason why the instant credit cards are so popular.

Among the instant credit card offers circulating the world wide web one can find applications from Discover, Chase, Citi, AmEx, and some other card providers. To see some of the hottest and most current instant credit card offers you can visits sites, such as, that host comprehensive and up to date lists of online deals.

Although for many of us getting an instant response is very important, we should not forget about the main reasons for getting credit cards. We should never pick a card with higher APR just because it will come with an instant approval. Other features, such as the length of intro period, balance transfer and annual fees, have to be considered before applying for a card. In other words: “Do not let lack of patience leave you without the best choice and card you deserve.”

There's often a lot of confusion about credit cards and which credit card is the best fit for your needs. All credit card companies have amazing offers - or so it would seem. When deciding on a credit card - read the fine print and make sure you know what you're actually signing up for.

Card Fusion has the information to help you decide which credit card is best for your situation. The Learning Center is an excellent resource when shopping for a credit card.

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