Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wealth - How to Save Thousands and Increase Your Net Wealth

It is amazing how so many of us are so tied up with our work and our busy lifestyles that we can let something of great importance to our future just slip by without even realizing it. I'm talking about wealth creation here.

Even professional people who have excellent educations and years and years of senior service in highly responsible positions tend to overlook these things.

After studying a book on personal wealth creation for several weeks here is what a Senior Accountant had to say:

"I have just had an offer accepted on my first house! I am SO excited, it is a dream I didn't expect to come true, especially in light of the heated Perth housing market."

Just to give you some background on where this accountant was coming from he also said:

"I am an accountant working for a 'big four' accounting firm. Throughout university, and since, I have been taught how to create balance sheets, profit and loss statements, write company reports, manage tax, grow businesses and numerous other accounting functions. One thing I have never paid attention to however, is the creating of my own personal wealth."

After reading this book he concluded by saying:

"Reading this book and following the exercises I was shocked at the miserable state of my own financial affairs. Through the use of the examples and exercises, I have started to turn that around! As I mentioned, I have just purchased a house, and I'm on the way to generating some serious assets!"

What a brilliant outcome and all from reading and studying something as simple as a book!

Now, let me ask you this. If a Senior Accountant makes these comments what sort of value do you think that reading a personal wealth creation book contains? Do you think such a book might hold a few ideas for you?

One thing is certain. We all need as much information as possible in this quest for future wealth. If we mess it up or do nothing to help ourselves then our future will indeed be bleak.

There are more and more people in this world competing for a dwindling, finite amount of resources. Simple economics tells us that costs will rise. You know that this is true. Look at the proof. We are all facing increasing costs for fuel, water, groceries, utilities.

This means that YOU will need more and more money to fund your lifestyle. You cannot afford just to sit back and drift with the tide. Swim against the tide NOW. Do the hard yards now, just like the accountant has, and your future will be so much easier.

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