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2007 Instant Approval Credit Card - Wow Tips!

By Michael Pitt

Instant approval credit card is one of those few innovations we cannot do without. Emergencies in life do not come announced. A loved one meeting a serious accident, or an urgent work requiring you to travel across the world with only 36 hours of notice, unforeseen emergencies strike us all and sundry.

To accentuate the situation, not all of us carry liquid cash with us or with the banks at all times. Instant payment is a great facilitator and speeds up almost all possible business transactions apart from those involving Mother Nature or the omnipotent god. Be it the contractor you identified to fix your home, or that workshop that services your car, or the manufacturer that supplies you with the critical raw material to feed you machines- instant payment cuts down long waiting periods and shortens processing time.

Despite the best of the financial planning, we are helpless enough in the hands of luck to get stranded in the middle of no man land with no cash at our disposal.

These emergency situations call for instant arrangement of credit. Credit lenders appreciate the requirement for such instant requirement of credit and have devised a simple yet effective solution to address this need.

Lenders conceived the idea of instant approval credit cards to meet this specific need of offering credit to creditworthy consumers with minimal transaction and documentation time. After all, the very essence of business is to create solutions catering to specific needs of the society.

Instant approval credit cards, as the name suggests, requires you to fill up an online form and inform you about the confirmation, or otherwise listed instantly. The key to this instant approval of a card is a high FICO score.

FICO, or the Fair Issac Company, is a mathematical tool named after the inventing company and is used by lenders to quantify your creditworthiness. The higher the FICO score, higher are the chances of you getting the credit card approval and negatively goes when the opposite happens.

However, you will need to keep in mind two basic aspects before you apply for these cards. The two points being creditworthiness and transaction time do away with physical verification and also cuts down heavily on the documentation part of the application process.

Hence credit card companies need to be doubly sure before they approve and issue an instant approval card. So, expect an instant approval card only if you have an impeccable credit repayment history, stable financial status, continuous employment or any combination of these.

The second point that you should know to be an informed consumer is the fact that instant approval credit card does not translate into in the moment credit. As mentioned in the name, approvals for these cards are given instantaneously subject to the fact that the applicant meets all preset criteria.

From approval to issue of credit card, this part of the process takes about two to three days despite the most efficient application processing back end team. Nevertheless, an instant approval credit is your best tool against the uncertainties of life.

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Lachlanjack said... had an American Express Blue card for several years now. They were in fact the first people to actually accept an application from me for a credit card.