Friday, January 19, 2007

Cash Back Credit Cards Starting Guide

By Curtis Swap

If you are not earning some type of reward for using your credit card, you are missing out. One of the most popular and most useful reward offer is cash back. It is common to earn between 1 - 5% in cash back rewards depending on which card you select. Many cash back cards offer bonus cash back rewards for many of your daily shopping activities like grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, office supply stores, and others. Other cards occasionally run programs to earn bonus cash back rewards based on certain criteria.

Offering a reward on a credit card really took off with the offering of a frequent flier mile for every dollar spent. Quickly consumers wanted other choices of rewards and cash back was offered and quickly became one of the most popular credit card rewards around.

Many companies have begun to take advantage of the brand loyalty from offering a credit card with a large cash back bonus as well. Companies such as Hilton and General Motors have issued credit cards that reward users with cash back on hotel rooms or cars.

You can even earn cash back rewards on your business and student credit cards. In fact this is one of the biggest growing areas, who would not want to earn 1-5% cash back for all your business purchases or when your kids are making necessary school expenses on their own student credit card?

Even large banks are getting into the act by offering cash back on debit card purchases. Whichever cash back credit card you pick, nothing can beat receiving a nice cash back reward for doing your everyday purchases!

Cash back rewards are usually given to you monthly or yearly. Some companies make you request it whenever you have reached a certain level. There is no reason not to get a cash back or reward credit card if you are not earning anything, you are just giving up these great free rewards to the credit card companies! Be sure to do your research before picking the card that is right for you as the choice of cards can been overwhelming at first.

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