Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Deals for Frequent Travelers - The Benefits of Hotel Credit Cards

By Morgan Hamilton

Hotel credit cards are much less well known than their airline affiliate counterparts. Nevertheless, hotel credit cards can offer frequent travelers many benefits that simply can not be matched by other types of travel credit card reward programs. This is particularly true if the traveler frequently travels to the same destination or uses the same hotel room.

While the benefits of hotel credit cards are usually greatest when applied towards future stays with the same hotel chain, hotel credit cards often offer other benefits, including the ability to convert rewards points into free airline miles and other perks.

Hotel credit cards almost always work on a points based system. For example, hotel credit cards offered by a particular hotel chain may provide one point per dollar charged on their hotel credit cards on normal purchases. Typically, purchases made at the issuing hotel chain or at subsidiary hotels gain more points than similar purchases made elsewhere.

The hotel credit cards rewards points can be cashed in for free stays, free room upgrades, and other hotel based perks. This is very handy for travelers who frequently stay at the same hotel. Business travelers who are reimbursed for their hotel stays frequently pay for all of their hotel bills with their hotel credit cards and then use the accumulated rewards points for free hotel room stays on family vacations or other personal trips.

Those who are more interested in accumulating free airline air miles than free hotel room visits are typically better suited by foregoing hotel credit cards and applying for airline credit cards instead. However, for those who are interested in both free hotel stays as well as free air miles, many hotel credit cards allow their users to convert their hotel credit card's rewards points into free airline miles. These free airline miles can typically only be used on affiliate airlines, so the traveler should make sure that the airline that is affiliated with the hotel credit cards is one that flies to destinations that they plan to visit.

Hotel credit cards provide benefits that are of great use to certain travelers. Business travelers who stay at the same hotel or use the same hotel chain frequently often use hotel credit cards in order to use their points on family vacations and other travel events.

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