Tuesday, April 03, 2007

American Express Blue Card - Which Blue Card Is For You?

In the past, credit cards were once considered to be a financial tool that only the wealthy can afford. However, because of the increasing demands for credit cards, American Express has developed a new line of credit cards that almost everyone can afford. With the American Express Blue Card, you too can own a credit card minus the hassles of paying high amount of fees that their previous line of credit cards had.

Since 1999, American Express Blue Card is still very popular among many people. However, before you apply for a Blue Card, you first need to know that American Express offers different kinds of Blue Cards to suit the needs of different kinds of people.

Here are the different kinds of Blue Cards that American Express offers:

American Express Sky Blue – This particular credit card is perfect for people who love travelling. The American Express Sky Blue is designed as a travel rewards card that will provide you with a lot of choices on travels. On normal travel rewards card, you will notice that it doesn't really deliver what it promises. American Express Sky Blue offers no black out dates, and absolutely no travel restrictions. The Sky Blue from American Express promises people the ability to use the rewards anytime they want to and anywhere they want to go to. And, it gets even better with the zero annual percentage rate (APR) provided for fifteen months, you will enjoy big discounts on your purchases, airline tickets, vehicle rentals and even hotel stays. Plus, you even get free travel accident insurance on rental cars.

American Express Blue Cash – The American Express Blue Cash is perfect for people who want to enjoy big discounts. Or, it is simply perfect for everyone. Besides, everybody wants to have discounts on anything they purchase. American Express Blue Cash offers 5% discount on anything you purchase using the Blue Cash compared to other credit cards that can only offer 1% or 2% discounts. If you need gas for your vehicle, you get 5% off or if you want discounts on medicines, you can enjoy 5% discounts on your purchases using the Blue Cash. Everything you purchase using the American Express Blue Cash entitles you to a 5% discount on your monthly bill. The points you earn every year with Blue Cash is also very easy. Instead of worrying about redeeming your points, you will be given back your earnings in a form of big fat credit straight to your account.

American Express Jet Blue – This particular credit card is perfect for people who travels a lot via an airplane. Representing the Jet Blue Airways, you will accumulate points if you travel with Jet Blue Airways. On your first flight with the Jet Blue Airways, you will instantly enjoy 5,000 points. You can also double your points to a lot of places where you love to eat or shop.

American Express Blue Card – This card is the original of all the Blue Cards that American Express offers. Although it doesn't have the jam packed features that Sky Blue and Blue Cash offers, this particular credit card is still a very worthy choice for many people. Here, you will enjoy zero annual percentage rate (APR) for up to 15 months. Also, there is no annual fee with the American Express Blue Card.

As you can see, you have a lot of choices on the different kinds of Blue Card that American Express offers. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose the perfect Blue Card for you. Always remember that you should still use credit cards responsibly.

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