Saturday, April 28, 2007

How To Fix Your Credit Through Credit Counseling

In order to manage your money properly, it is just like anything else in life, where some folks seem to have natural skills with it while others struggle with it. Since credit card debt is reaching all time highs these days for so many people, combined with such a widespread use of credit cards to purchase just about anything, managing your money well is more important than ever. Your credit report is a history of how you deal with your debts and financial obligations, and the better your credit score is, the easier time you will have to get access to funds and better interest rates when you need it.

But there is also a downside. If you mess up and get behind with some credit card or mortgage payments or car payments, or even go into default with a creditor, your credit history and your resulting credit score will reflect that and will be suffering. One of the many downsides of this is that it will limit your ability to get approved for new lines of credit in the future. The moral of this story is that if your credit history is not perfect, you should take steps quickly to build your credit back up to a level that is attractive to lenders. Because of their diverse and widespread experience in helping people fix or repair their credit, a credit counselor can be a great help to you in this process.

You will usually find that credit counseling is offered by non-profit groups. There are some companies out there that are for-profit and usually charge a sizeable fee for their services, but these are not the same thing and should be avoided like the plague. Many of them advertise online and a good percentage of them are scams and ripoff artists, where they will not have done a beneficial thing for you. In fact, if you fall for some of the hype that they state on their web sites, you could find yourself in a much worse situation than you are today. While some of these credit repair companies are worthwhile and reputable, you do not want to hand over your money to a company that it going to do something that you can do yourself. Some of those companies use sneaky techniques to try to get you a clean credit report, like using a different address or a different spelling of your name, and those types of techniques are questionable and will not last long.

By contrast, a credit counseling service exists to provide you with good and sound advice. They do this because there is not a profit motive for them to recommend things that is not appropriate for your particular situation. While there are many things you can do yourself (if you know what the steps are), using a credit counseling service is a very good way to embark on a campaign and strategy to repair your credit.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that rebuilding a poor credit history does not happen overnight. It takes a good deal of time and effort, and a credit counselor can explain this to you by giving you a realistic picture and timeframe of what is involved with repairing your credit. This way you will understand why things take time and you will not be disappointed when your credit is not fixed within just a couple of days. This is a long term plan, and one that you need to adhere to for a long time, which will take discipline. But the end result will be more than worth it, and the credit counselor will work with you to create a strategy that is both effective and manageable for you.

Almost all of these credit counseling services will provide workshops and sometimes even educational materials to keep you motivated and on track. Since it is logical that you got into credit trouble by a lack of discipline or lack of a budget you could stick to, the credit counselor will also work with you to create and establish a budget. They will explain to you how money flows into and out of your household every month, and with that understanding, it will make it easier for you to stick to your budget and repair your credit.

Each person's situation is different, so you should be cautious and wary of companies who try to offer a credit repair solution where one size fits all. One size does NOT fit all because everyone's situation is different. Some of these companies make very bold statements about being able to fix your credit regardless of your circumstances, but there is no way that can be a true statement because everyone is different, with different reasons for getting to the place where they are today, and the method to provide credit repair services is also going to have to be different.

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