Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Understanding Money

How many of us actually understand money? Quite clearly, not many people really know what that even means that is why so many of us are in serious financial debt.

What it does mean is simply this; understanding how much money you have and what you spend it on.

Good money handling skills aren't taught in schools and unless our parents had great financial habits it is unlikely that we will have them once we reach adulthood. Some people might say its just commonsense but the majority of us wouldn't have a clue!

So if we aren't taught these vitally important skills how on earth are we going to manage our money effectively? Short answer...90% of us will be in serious debt by the time we reach 30 years old, purely because we currently live in a 'gotta have' western society and that's where the good ole credit card and fast loans come in real handy. Do you really know where all your money goes??

Lets face it the banks and finance companies are throwing money at us every single day, we're constantly bombarded by television and radio commercials encouraging us to buy, buy, buy, not to mention the billboards and newspaper advertisements, and guess what... they're winning!

The good news is the Australian Government can see the problems this is causing for some people, so they have developed a website called Understanding Money where you'll find budget planners, financial health checks, advice on how to save money and also how you can set financial goals, there is also a hard copy of the handbook you can order online.

Understanding where your money goes and learning simple ways of tracking your spending habits will have you well on your way to being in charge of your debt!

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