Sunday, May 13, 2007

How to Raise Your Credit Score Fast

There are many different ways to raise your credit score. In my personal experience, and from what I have learned in talking to others, there are many sure fire ways to nearly instantly raise your credit score.

My credit score was hindered by debt for the longest time. When I got married, I wanted to buy a house and start off fresh. I consulted with friends and a few of my creditors and came up with a number of solutions.

One way that I raised my credit score fast was by calling my credit card company and asking for a higher limit. The great part about your credit score is that it isn't about how much debt you have, it's making sure that you have much more credit available than you have in accrued debt. I still owed $1500 on one of my credit cards when I got married, but only had a $2000 limit. When I asked to increase the limit to $5000, I also raised my credit score!

This was helpful to me, but my credit score was still too low. The kind of house I could have bought with my average credit score would have been nowhere near what I had envisioned for my wife and I. It was back to the drawing board, but only for a little while.

One of the best ways that I raised my credit score fast was by making sure that I kept all of my accounts up to date. What I mean to say is that any and all of my credit cards needed to be paid on time if not before the due date. Credit history takes a long time to build, but the sooner you start building it in a positive direction, the sooner you will be seeing a raise in your credit score.

These are just two of the ways that I not only purchased a great starter home, but earned even more love and respect from my wife. As a newly married man, I have had to overcome plenty of obstacles and alterations to my every day life. It's hard to believe that it was just a few simple adjustments to raise my credit score that brought about more stress relief than anything else I have done in the past ten years!

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