Friday, May 18, 2007

What You MUST Have to be a Millionaire

Do very rich people have anything in common? On the face of it, they appear to be highly individual and driven people but, on closer inspection, they are not as individual as they seem. Apparently, there are 30 essential attributes millionaires tend to have, according to what I have discovered from close analysis of the biographies from the last five years of the Times Rich List, a riveting narrative of the social, upwardly mobile and affluent trends in the UK. It seems there are some crucial traits they all share in different combinations but which, in general, affect every millionaire in one form or another. Overall, there are eight essential personal attributes, eight social ones, seven emotional ones, which dictate perception and how the goals are realised, and seven physical ones.

Topping all four lists is strong self-belief and confidence. Most millionaires seem to be abundantly endowed with these twin drivers of individual motivation. They are the most important pre-requisites for success because you need to believe in your dream and have the confidence and fearlessness to follow that dream and bring it to life, regardless of the setbacks you are bound to encounter. Without confidence and self-belief, you'll always be be changing with the wind and going by what other people say, instead of following your own heart. In fact, you would not be able to trust your own instincts or have the faith in your own judgements.

The Need for Approval

Second, you need full acceptance of yourself. Otherwise you will be seeking constant approval for your actions and are likely to be afraid of taking decisions. Not fully accepting who you are, without a firm identity, robs you of the confidence in your own ability to excel. I suppose that explains why women like me are seldom millionaires because we obviously spend too much time doing our make up, staring at ourselves in the mirror wishing we had a better figure, worrying about our boobs and whether our bums look big in this and that, instead of making decisions and pushing our dreams to fruition!

Third, you also have to be an independent thinker, highly self-motivated, with a fearless approach to life. It doesn't mean being reckless or selfish but to be prepared to take risks and back your convictions. Overall, the two things that come across with these personal attributes are an independent spirit and total confidence. Without them, you will remain on the starting block, rearing to go but never taking off; wishing and hoping, but not really doing. And the other 24 attributes? I bet you are dying to know about them.

If you are thinking of starting a successful business, or dreaming of making a lot of money, do YOU have what it takes to be a millionaire? Find out today. Knowledge is power.

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