Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Key Advantages of Chase Platinum Credit Card

The JP Morgan Chase and company is one of the largest financial providers for personal and business accounts. Chase understands the busy life of people and therefore offers them a variety of options to have easy access to their accounts without even visiting the banks.

Chase Manhattan has created the Platinum credit cards, keeping in mind the elite class of cardholders. If you are interested in a good rewards program and also a good interest rate, then the Chase platinum Credit Card will be your option. The card has 0 percent introductory annual percentage rate for the first twelve months; but the duration for which the introductory rate continues depends basically on your credit history and purchases or balance transfers. Nevertheless, after the expiry of the introductory period, the annual percentage rate will increases to 14.24 per cent.

The reload fee, application fee and the participation fee are non applicable. Although the card may seem the right choice for you, you should double-check the other aspects. The variable interest rates need careful consideration.

The method of computing balances is also very important. Unlike most cards following the "Average Daily Balance" method, Chase Platinum Credit Card uses the "Two Cycles Average Daily Balance" method for determining the finance charges. This system is particularly unsuitable for you if you carry a balance, even if it is an occasional large revolving balance.

The Benefits

There is the opportunity of earning one point for every dollar and in this way, you can earn up to 50000 points every year. The points remain valid for five years. You can cash these points and use them for buying merchandise and/or gift cards or for meeting travel expenses. The card also offers an interest free grace period when you can pay your bill fully for each month.

The other benefits include free travel services, auto rental insurance, $500000 worldwide Travel accident Insurance and many more benefits. The various platinum benefits offered by the credit card are inclusive of such offers as online account access or various travel services. The only rewards for these types of cards are the points, but there are no rebates achievable as such.

The card also provides other services like emergency card and cash replacement, lost and stolen card reporting, a financial statement at the end of the year and other similar facilities to the cardholder.

The Chase platinum Credit Card does not hold anyone responsible for unauthorized transactions with his/her card. These apart, there are other emergency assistance services, travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance and many security/protection facilities like purchase protection, extended warranties, etc.

You must remember that there are certain restrictions and limitations that are applied to it.

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